Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Abu Ghraib Was Sold

Well we've had a nice little hiatus, mostly due to being unemployed! But we're making the best of some free time with a new parody(sung to the tune of Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul?")

Click below to listen to our version of the prison abuse scandal (right-click to download).

Abu Ghraib Was Sold.mp3

Here are the parody lyrics:

There's a little place just out west of Bagdad that was Saddam's favorite place to execute his enemies
So when we invaded their country it just made sense to use the place for those random detainees
And we thought it was business as usual 'til the cheap thrills and pictures of fun & games were shown on TV

Abu Ghraib was sold by Saddam to the US military complex
Sold so we could pad civilian contractors' bankrolls
Abu Ghraib was sold, and we couldn't believe what had unfolded

The snapshots showed what was going on thanks to Titan and CACI; it was every private interrogator's wet dream
Let's show 'em naked, let's pile 'em up, we need to bring those numbers up, we need to get it up for our country
Use the dogs! Intimidation's easy when you don't got no rules to follow
Let's use untrained reservists for our own little sado-masochistic frat-boy games

Abu Ghraib was bold -- you gotta love those guys in military intelligence
Photos can't hide all those lies that we were told
Abu Ghraib was bold, but Lynndie and her buddies were just following orders

So then Taguba spelled it out, he didn't single no one out, but he said they got OKs from the brass
Karpinski and some others got slapped on the wrist, but you know the nastiness it was all around
It doesn't look so good when you casually torture all the ones you came to liberate
Those Arabs don't forget! I wouldn't be surprised if they started beheading us one by one

Abu Ghraib was cold, how far up did those orders go?
Abu Ghraib was cold just like Bagram & Guantanamo
Abu Ghraib was cold. So much for the Geneva Conventions....


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